About the Author

A native Virginian, the author began serious research into his Pettus family roots about 1972. Since then his research had led him to many Virginia libraries, courthouses, and archives with the intent of gleaning information about Pettuses from primary records so far as possible. In 1976, he made the first of three trips to England for further research into public records found in the ancestral city of Norwich and the Public Record Office in London. While in Norwich, the writer visited some of the homes formerly occupied by members of the Pettus family and churches with Pettus monuments and graves. Since then, he has acquired further information about early Pettuses in Virginia from the Internet, and from archives in Maryland and Netherlands.

In 2011 and 2013, the author published a book, Thomas Petyous and His Pettus Descendants in England and Virginia in two volumes. These volumes are available from the author (see contact information).